Why don't we make a faster web?

When is comes to web page load times, a little time makes a lot of money. We reckon we can get most enterprise ecommerce website page loads down to under a second. So why aren't we? Why is the web industry failing so badly in this area? Is it lack of data to build business cases with? Lack of tools to measure and diagnose problems? Lack of technical expertise in an often arcane and cross-disciplinary field? A failure of management to get different business functions all working together?

This web site is part of a project, launched in August 2016, to explore this problem. It aims to bring together the best data, the best tools, and the top expertise in the industry to determine what’s going wrong, and how we fix it. And now we’ve got you, too. Welcome aboard.

Captain's Log

August 1st 2016. Web Page Test (WPT) instances set up in Taxonomics Somerset labs for regular testing of IRUK top 7 'elite' ecommerce sites home pages, taking page weekly speed measures of main category pages, product list pages and product details pages. We thought we'd call it Web http-archive Internet Page performance evaluation Test, so that is spells WhiPpeT... which is how we pronounce WPT in any case. Lovely.

August 17th 2016. First results published on www.speedfreak.uk ... we'll keep updating as more data comes in.

Coming soon in our next, thrilling episode

Escape the application layer. All the cool kids are hanging out in the transport layer. So laugh in the face of http waterfall charts and use our achingly wonderful packet analyser, the first in a new generation of tools for the serious speedster. Fill the pipe. Sort your order. Halve your load time. No wiresharks were harmed in the making of this tool. Plus: more ecommerce sites added to the WhiPpeT roster.

This page, by the way, took a mere 000 milliseconds to fully load for you. Boom. Just the rest of the web to go now.


The Speedfreak UK WhipPeT Leaderboard - ranking page speed for home, category, product listing and product pages across top UK ecommerce sites.

Get Help

Our reason for getting up in the morning: making your website faster. If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and now that you've found us... maybe you can hire... the A-Team <cue music>. Drop us a line at labs@taxonomics.co.uk.